Agricultural Painting

This is a picture of a fertilizer blending tower that R&H was in the process of painting in central MN. As you can see, its entirely wrapped in plastic, to minimize the risk of overspray floating away and sticking to other objects.

Specialized Agricultural Painting Services

The buildings and facilities on an agricultural property are subject to a lot of abuse.  Weather, chemicals, livestock, and equipment can make ag buildings look aged in a few short years. Without proper paint and coatings protecting your buildings from this dirty and rugged abuse, corrosion and premature deterioration will create more work on an already busy operation. Your equipment, buildings, and their contents are your livelihood, and you need to take  preemptive action to secure your investments and assets.

Corrosion and Rust Prevention on Agricultural Buildings

We have industrial coating experts on staff who will thoroughly inspect your surfaces for corrosion and come up with a detailed plan of attack to prep and coat your buildings with the best modern products available. R and H Painting provides on-site cleaning, sandblasting, and media blasting. We have our own portable equipment for power washing, sandblasting and efficiently stripping the old paint or coatings off of the surface we’re preparing to paint.  We can keep all of the media contained as requested, and it can be transported away from your facility for disposal.

R and H Painting is a full service industrial painting contractor that specializes in the unique methods and processes for painting and coating the buildings and equipment on agricultural facilities throughout Minnesota.  Our experienced team of painters, along with our mobile painting shops on wheels, can be quickly located to your property to begin prepping and painting your buildings:

  • Storage Buildings
  • Stacks
  • Silos
  • Barns
  • Steel Buildings
  • Metal Siding

For an estimate on painting or coating any agricultural related building or application, give us a call or complete our online estimate form today.


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