Bulk Storage Tanks

Bulk Storage Tank Painting

Painting Bulk Storage Tanks and Silos

Your bulk storage tanks and silos stand outside in the elements year round. Considering they are made of metal, corrosion can become a serious problem if your paint or industrial coating on the storage tanks begins to fail.  Protect your investment (and what’s inside) by having R and H Painting prepare and paint your storage tanks.  Flaking paint, bubbling paint and obvious corrosion are signs that your tanks need to be repainted. R and H Painting specializes on a complete industrial painting process which starts with pressure washing and sandblasting, and continues through the final coating of paint.

Painting Bulk Tank Interiors and Silo Linings

Preserve your investment and ensure your bulk storage tanks are well maintained inside and out! The exterior painting of tanks is only half the the maintenance required to ensure longevity. The interior of tanks often need repainting, coating, or re-lining as well. R and H Painting offers a variety of industrial coating applications for the interior of bulk tanks, and we can discuss your options when we inspect your facility and provide an estimate.

Safety First While Painting Bulk Storage Tanks

Sandblasting and painting bulk storage tanks often requires our crews to work from heights on scaffolding or in a man lift.  Our painting crews are well trained when it comes to safety while working on these types of complex projects.  In addition, painting bulk tanks can also require our crews to go inside of a tank.  This qualifies as a confined space and extra safety precautions must be taken when undertaking such projects.

We specialize in painting bulk storage tanks for chemical facilities, food industries, manufacturing plants, grain silos and more. R and H Painting is equipped to incorporate these services as each project demands:

  • Mobile power washing units
  • On-site sandblasting available
  • Media collection upon request
  • High performance coating applications


Would you like to schedule an estimate to have your bulk storage tanks repainted inside and/or outside?  Give us a call or fill out or email form today!

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