Floor Line Painting

Floor Line Painting Minnesota.

Floor Line Painting Safety

If you have a busy warehouse, manufacturing plant, institution or other facility, then you’re already familiar with safety standards. Clear and concise lines painted on your floor enforces the importance of safety, as you plainly communicate danger zones, safe zones, boundaries, designated travel routes and other labeled areas within your facility.

Repainting Floor Lines

The daily wear and tear on factory floors wears down painted lines after a few years. Heavy work boots, forklift tires, and the dragging of pallets,  all contribute to the eventual wearing down of floor lines making repainting a necessity. R and H Painting specializes in laying out and painting floor lines in busy warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Whether you need temporary or permanent lines painted, we have a vested interest in making your floors as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.  You get a highly visible floor that keeps your staff and visitors safe.

R and H Painting is a full service industrial coatings contractor offering three types of floor line painting services:

  • Temporary Lines: Suitable for renovations to your facility, new construction areas, or other areas where lines are going to be expected to wear out quickly.
  • Semi-Permanent: Applied with a high gloss, high visibility epoxy for durability. These will be subject to wear and tear, and won’t be expected to last as long as permanent lines.
  • Permanent: Requires a different preparation process to ensure the best adhesion possible.  For this process we usually need to shot-blast the concrete floor in your facility to thoroughly rough up the top surface of the concrete.  This creates many surfaces for the paint to properly bond. Once finished, we can apply a clear urethane finish to enhance the durability.

If you need lines painted on the floor of your industrial, commercial or agricultural facility then give R and H Painting a call today.
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