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Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Coatings Contractor in Brainerd, MN

Do you have a building or structure that needs to be professionally painted or coated in the Brainerd, MN area?

R and H Painting is a full service commercial, industrial and agricultural painting and coatings contractor.  We specialize in helping building owners protect their investment with the superior application of high quality paints and coatings designed for the specific task at hand.  With our 30 years of experience you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your project will be completed to the highest of quality standards.

Sandblasting and Power Washing Services in Brainerd, MN

Sandblasting ContractorWhen painting and coating industrial and agricultural buildings it’s common to have to sandblast or power wash the old structure to remove the flaking, peeling and loose paint.  This is a laborious and messy task that we have streamlined to be a hassle free process.  We have a portable sandblasting unit that can be moved onto your job site.  If you’d like us to collect the left over blast media we can do that too.

Commercial Painting Services in Brainerd, MN

Commercial PaintingR and H Painting is a full service commercial painting contractor specializing in both interior and exterior painting. From new construction to large scale remodeling and redecorating projects we are equipped and staffed for small to large scale commercial projects.  If you want a beautiful looking commercial space, office building, retail store or business of any type then we need to set up a time for your appointment with R and H Painting. We can meet with you and brainstorm your potential color schemes or decorating styles and answer any of your questions related to painting your commercial building.

Industrial Painting Services in Brainerd, MN

Industrial CoatingsDo you have or manage a busy factory facility, storage warehouse, manufacturing plant or other industrial building? You are no stranger to the rigorous abuse these facilities take along with the expensive maintenance and upkeep.  One way industrial operations can ensure the longevity of their facilities is to properly paint and coat their facilities interior and exterior with high performance paints and specialized industrial coatings.  These highly specialized environments require intimate knowledge of the wide range of coatings on the market and their very specific applications or you may find yourself with a very expensive, useless paint job on your facility.

Agricultural Painting Services in Brainerd, MN

Agricultural PaintingR and H Painting is a full service industrial painting contractor that specializes in the unique methods and processes for painting and coating the buildings and equipment on agricultural facilities throughout Wright County, MN.  From bulk storage tanks to grain silos, to your metal roofs and metal buildings.  Our experienced team of painters along with our mobile painting shops on wheels can be quickly located to your property to begin prepping and painting your buildings.

Why Choose R and H Painting For Your Coating Needs?

Our main focus when it comes to our work, is coating life. We believe that the expensive coatings are the ones that last the longest. It may cost a bit more up front, but when averaged out over the lifespan of a coating, spending more up front will save you money in the long run.

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