Manhole & Wet Well Rehabilitation

We partnered with SpectraShield and became a licensed installer to provide manhole and wet well rehabilitation in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

SpectraShield makes it easy to protect your manholes, wastewater structures, wet wells and more. Plus, each installation includes a 10-year warranty.

Not only is SpectraShield’s polymeric lining system easy, it’s quick! It can coat a 7-foot manhole in less than an hour!

SpectraShield has been installed in thousands of structures throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia.

Manhole Rehabilitation Minnesota

What is SpectraShield?

SpectraShield has a patented polymeric lining system that protects manholes and wastewater structures, and budgets.

When it comes to polymeric lining systems, they are not all the same. They created a unique, multi-layered liner system. It protects new and existing manholes, plus large wastewater structures like lift stations, wet wells and other treatment facilities from infiltration and corrosion.

The coating uses a flexible urethane that can be applied with a minimum thickness of 500 mils. The flexibility means SpectraShield won’t crack when the host structure moves or is stressed by shifts in temperatures, wetness or heavy traffic conditions.

How strong is SpectraShield?

Watch this video to see how SpectraShield stands up when a truck is placed on it.

Because SpectraShield uses a multiple layering process, it stops infiltration and corrosion, protects wastewater infrastructure and restores wastewater structure surfaces to their original profile. Not to mention it provides an impervious barrier to water penetration and protects against damaging hydrogen sulfide. 

Are you interested in learning more about SpectraShield? Watch the videos below!

SpectraShield Instructional Video

SpectraShield Battering Ram Demonstration Video

SpectraShield SpectraVU Demonstration Video

SpectraShield Installation Demonstration Video


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