New Construction Painting

New Construction Painting Contractor

Professional Painting for New Construction Projects

Whether you’re building a new hospital, a new apartment building, a new warehouse, or a new commercial space, at some point you’ll need the building painted. Painting a new building has unique benefits, as it is void of deterioration and layers of old paint. It allows us to begin with a clean slate and complete the process before it is exposed to the public.

What to Look for in a New Construction Painter

Hiring the right painting contractor for your new construction project is important, and it’s critical that you choose carefully.  Look for a company that has experience painting and applying coatings for buildings in your niche industry. R and H Painting has worked in a vast number of new construction projects and possesses rock solid knowledge about particular paints and coatings that work best for each building. We specialize in helping property owners and building managers plan out the details for a beautiful protective finish on their new construction project.

R and H Painting has extensive experience helping land developers and new construction property managers with medium-to-large scale painting projects that require the streamlined management. We have the manpower and equipment to tackle large projects, and we run a very tight ship. R and H Painting is ready to be your:

  • New Commercial Building Painting Contractor
  • New Public Building Painting Contractor
  • New Industrial Building Paintings and Coatings Contractor
  • Paint and Coating Consultant
  • Concrete Coatings and Sealants Consultant
  • New Agricultural Buildings Painting Contractor


Organization and communication are paramount on large projects like these, and R and H Painting has more then 25 years experience painting new construction projects of all sizes.  We can provide cost effective painting and coating solutions, so give us a call to receive an estimate.

Commercial and industrial Painting Estimates