Metal Clad Buildings

Metal Clad Building Painters Minnesota.

Painting Metal Clad Buildings

Erecting  a steel or metal building on your commercial, industrial or agricultural property is a serious investment. You need the building to stay maintained and aesthetically pleasing for as long as possible.  Metal buildings and traditional paint are not a good match, especially in our area of the country.  Our harsh winters and relatively warm and humid summers create a lot of expansion and contraction of metal clad buildings.  Couple this with the rain, sleet, snow, bird droppings and other contaminants that work away at the paint, and it is easy to see why many metal buildings have failing paint.

Today’s Work Site Must Be Tour-Ready

Work sites are increasingly visited by investors, potential partners, and vendors, and the well-kept appearance of your property may be a determining factor to future negotiations. R and H Painting wants to give you the competitive edge and solid solutions needed to keep your metal clad buildings maintained. The key to coating large metal buildings is in using very flexible high performance coatings that are made to withstand the expansion and contraction without cracking, flaking or peeling.  In addition, the correct coating for each application will thwart the sun’s UV light and long-term damaging effects.

R and H Painting is a full service industrial painting contractor serving all areas of Minnesota with specialized preparation, painting, and coating of metal clad buildings including:

  • Metal Storage Warehouses
  • Steel Sided Buildings
  • Tin Buildings
  • Aluminum Sided Buildings
  • Metal Siding and Roofing

If you have a metal building or have questions about how our highly specialized paint and process of metal clad building would work for your project, give us a call or fill out our short online estimate form.

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