Propane Tank Painting

This is a picture of a 30,000 gallon horizontal propane tank that R & H painted.

Industrial Coatings for Propane Tanks

If  your facility stores propane in large bulk tanks or vessels, R and H Painting specializes in the application of industrial coatings for propane and bulk fuel storage tanks. Maintaining large propane tanks and storage vessels comes with a cost that can be minimized with proper coatings. One of the biggest enemies to the storage of bulk fuels, such as propane, is exterior tank corrosion. Rain, snow, ice, sunlight, dirt, dust and pollution all work against the coatings on your storage tanks.  It only takes a few years of this abuse for a poorly applied (or poor quality) propane tank coating to break down and begin to fail.

Bulk Tank Storage Safety Compliance

Rust is the enemy of any storage tank or vessel! Rusty or badly corroded propane storage tanks are a safety concern, for two reasons. The first safety concern is corrosion, which increases the potential for leaks when the infrastructure cannot hold pressure safely anymore. The second safety concern is the dark color of rust, which absorbs heat. This is why No. NFPA 58 states that propane containers must be painted a heat reflective color unless installed in an extremely cold environment.  Instead of letting your tanks be rendered useless safety hazards, opt for proper maintenance and coating applications to keep your investment a valuable asset.

R and H Painting offers years of experience in  proper surface preparation, re-coating, and restoration of bulk propane storage tanks and vessels.  From stripping off the old paints and coatings to refinishing the tanks with specialized industrial coatings that will last many years, R and H Painting provides these services throughout Minnesota:

  • Propane Storage Tank Coatings
  • Propane Storage Tank Repainting
  • Propane Vessel Coatings
  • Propane Vessel Repainting


You’ve invested many thousands of dollars into your propane, don’t let that investment depreciate by letting corrosion take over!  Call R & H Painting today to get an estimate on re-coating your propane tanks.

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