Steel Building Painting

In this photo you can see R & H painting a corrugated steel building in MN for one of Minnesota's largest transmission and distribution companies.

Painting Steel Buildings

Do you have an older steel building on your agricultural or industrial property?  If you have steel buildings that are more than 10 years old, it’s very likely the existing paint on your building has begun to flake, peel and show obvious signs of oxidation or even corrosion if there has been a failure in the coating or a poor application.

Special Attention Required by Steel Buildings

Steel buildings require special attention when painting, especially in Minnesota. Our unique region of the world means we have  extreme temperature fluctuations from summer to winter.  These temperature variations cause a steel building to expand and contract over and over again.  This obviously causes the paint to break down, peel,  and flake, making it easier for the elements to help corrosion set its firm, destructive grip. Proper paint and coating selection is important when deciding to coat your steel building, and you definitely want it to last a very long time.

R and H Painting is a full service painting contractor specializing in the pressure washing, sandblasting, and painting of steel buildings on both farms or industrial properties.  Warehouses, silos, shops, and Quonset huts are types of steel building projects we’ve completed throughout Minnesota. If you have a steel building that is in need of a new coating then we can help you with:

  • Power washing Steel Buildings
  • Sand Blasting Steel Buildings
  • Steel Building Painting
  • Steel Building Coatings

If you have a large steel building or several steel buildings on your property that need some paint protection, give us a call today!Commercial and industrial Painting Estimates